peace + fire

i had a friend ask me this week, “can we talk more about how to keep your peace intact when people in your circle insist on throwing fire?”

Say. Less.

YES. we can. matter of fact, let’s talk about that time a few years back when three of my family members died within 18 months, i was the executor of all of their estates by THEIR choice, NOT mine, and my entire family hated me for it. that was a good time.

there is NOT ONE THING on this Earth you can call me or say about me that i haven’t been called. by my own “family.” the people that are “supposed” to have our backs no matter what…. that’s just not how it works sometimes unfortunately. i definitely know that feeling.

that experience taught me exACTly how to deal with peace in the fire. and it had nothing to do with throwing more fire in their direction. that does not even the scale. that does not level the field. for every comeback i wanted to say, i’m sure they had another insult waiting. that’s how evil works. that’s the plan – destroy, destruct, at all costs, nothing held back.

you cannot tip the scale back in balance by meeting darkness with more darkness. you have to put your own desires aside, die to your pride, and meet it with light. you cannot grow, prosper, or thrive if you’re convinced it’s your job to make it right. you are never going to make it right – they’re hellbent on seeing you in a certain light, their words are drenched in lies, and there’s no amount of proving yourself that’s ever going to really change their mind. it’s sad, but it’s true.

light cancels out dark. love cancels out hate. when their actions don’t get a reaction, eventually, they have nothing left to say. they have no actions to spin off of if you give them nothing. and that’s been one of the hardest lessons i’ve ever had to learn. but it has paid MASSIVE dividends. so i challenge you – blow their minds!! meet their evil with love. meet their insults with kindness. be slow to react and let your heart know that whatever they’re saying is meant to get under your skin. it’s not truth. it’s provoking and intended to get a rise out of you.

you will never know what’s going on inside of someone else when they choose hate, but i can almost guarantee it’s not your fault. it’s much deeper than that. those tendencies have nothing to do with you – that’s just how they show up in the world. and it’s sad, because they have access to the same light, love, and joy that you and i have, but they’re just stuck in a vicious cycle of self-righteousness and hatred.

the only thing to do is give it up. release it. don’t hold on to it – again, it’s not the truth. it’s a bunch of lies, so free yourself from them. look up and know that God knows the truth and has the final say. no perfectly curated response you create will trump that, ever. it’s not our job. it’s not your assignment to deliver the justice. you’ll drive yourself crazy trying.

where in your life can you create more peace for yourself by giving up the need to balance the scale? what have you been holding on to that’s not your job to fix?

love y’all. i hope this helped you today <3