A Michigan-born Nashvillian, Sarah Faith is an artist-songwriter that builds her musical catalog and sound around her life’s experiences, including addiction, abuse, and mental health. As an independent Americana artist, Sarah has been strongly influenced by a diverse musical background. The result is a healthy mix of blues and roots rock, folk, alt-country, and indie rock genres. Her warm, soulful voice brings fans songs written about close-to-the-heart stories with a distinct kind of vulnerability and realness. 

Having dealt with depression and anxiety most of her life, Sarah aims to relate to her audience through her struggles. “We all deal with curve balls and unexpected turns in life. None of us are dealt perfect hands. I’ve just found a way to not let it control me. That’s what drives me to create music the most.” Since her abusive alcoholic mother lost her life to addiction in 2017, her ambitions have been ever-evolving, but one thing remains constant: “I want to show people that no matter how dark your story is or how ridiculous and crazy your family is, you have the choice; you can turn your struggles into good things.”

Sarah released her debut album, Lessons From The Archives, in June 2021. She is also the winner of Goodyear’s From Garage To Glory which afforded opportunities like performing twice at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, singing the National Anthem at the 2022 Cotton Bowl, performing at Nashville’s Hard Rock Cafe, and singing the National Anthem at NASCAR’s Xfinity race in Daytona in 2022. Faith has her foot on the gas pedal and is ready to make lots of noise in 2022 with the coming of a sophomore album and plans to get on the road.

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