holy. crap. what a week!! something i have prayed for, hoped for, longed for happened and i am just… so grateful and ecstatic about it all.

taking it back back back… when you get divorced… rather… when i got divorced… i was stuck in this time space continuum of “well. what a waste that was. wonder if it’ll ever happen again…?” because we’ve got this weird relationship with “opportunity.” we’ve gotta catch it while it’s here because sometimes it just doesn’t come around twice.

i think that’s a load of crap.

when the opportunity came around this time, it was easy, effortless, light, and it was better. so i wanna just say… feel free to dump all your thoughts about the scarcity of opportunities straight in the toilet where they belong. and use the big flush. the one for #2.

he planned the cutest, most perfect engagement maybe ever. if you haven’t seen the video, go check it out on my social media pages. we were literally making homemade pizza that night. and then i was told we were going on a coffee date because our friend Collin had a gig, and i love Collin’s music, Collin as a human, and i love coffee dates with my babe.

i didn’t know that Collin’s gig was staged. i didn’t know that everyone in the shop knew what was about to happen. i had no clue that in the pocket of Matthew’s jacket was the most beautiful engagement ring i would ever see in my whole life. i just had no idea. which is probably why i showed up in a Canadian Tuxedo…

maybe one of the most perfect parts of the night, which was not planned whatsoever, was the undeniable God wink… the baristas write bible verses on the cardboard cup surround thingys at the beginning of the week. and they’re all different and randomly distributed. on this night, mine said , “Matthew 11:28” which reads, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” the week had been heavy with expectations on myself, music dreams, business dreams, etc… and in this moment, i was nearly on my face with gratitude for a Lord that loves us in this gentle, kind way.

and about 23 minutes later, i was grateful in a whole new way for the man that asked me to spend forever with him… how fitting that the book of Matthew would be so present in my hemisphere these last few weeks, and even on the night that he would propose.

there’s a lot of little winks like that in life if you’re not too in a hurry to notice them. have you had one lately?

♥, SF