written words

these are some of the exact words i wrote in my journal this morning. i don’t know why i felt so compelled to share them – i guess i thought maybe they could help someone. i hope they do…

i have a hard time delineating between something not serving me and needing to pivot away and choose a new path, especially when things don’t work out. i seem to gravitate toward something taking another course as something being wrong with me and i start thinking that it’s going nowhere. really, if i sit and think about the truth, there’s been at least a hundred times when something didn’t work out and it was for my betterment. a new option that i didn’t consider surfaces and i’m back clear sailing.

the mindset i want to practice is trust.

the mindset i want to practice is peace.

the mindset i want to practice is yes, chasing big things is hard, but there’s a difference between something being hard and something not aligning with your soul. sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what the difference between the two things is, but there’s a small voice, an intuition, a gut instinct that’s always had my back that i know i can trust.