appearance on the nooner show

i had the extreme pleasure of being asked to be a guest on a popular podcast in Detroit, The Nooner Show – look ’em up on FB or IG or whatever social media outlet suits your fancy 🙂 Jackie Wallace heads this all up with help from Nora and her daughter, Rocky, and their sound engineer, Jess.  the premise of the show is “leaps of faith” and when i met Jackie a few months ago, i somehow got in to telling her a little about my journey as a photographer and now my journey as a musician with Alan’s band and how both of those journeys literally began by just jumping in. i have a habit of not thinking about safety nets or consequences and i just kind of do stuff that i want to do. because of that (even though it’s borderline crazy…..), she wanted to interview me!!

head to this link to check out the interview! i literally talk about allllll kinds of stuff – my photography business, my journey with Alan Turner, writing music, self doubt, self love, and a vacation to Mexico that was AMAZING but ended in an EXTREME case of food poisoning…. dun dun duuuunnnnnnnn. take a listen!!