in the midst of overwhelm.

i swear…. sometimes i feel like i’ve taken enough deep breaths to fill a dozen oxygen tanks and none of them seem to make me breathe any easier. i get to the point where i feel so stuck in my own head that i get WAY past the point of even caring that i got there in the first place. it’s like i’m sitting in a straight jacket of self-doubt and i’ve lost the interest in finding a way out of it. so i’ll just sit there. because eventually something will come along and let me out – free me from…. well… myself, really.

i was doing some mindset work earlier this morning, and i had woken up in a funk – i do that from time to time. by time to time, i mean a few times a week… sometimes more. sometimes less. i just don’t like mornings all that much, okay?!?! sheesh…. but i was doing some mindset work dealing with self-compassion, and i just Was Not Feeling It…

so i stopped doing it. because know what? part of loving yourself is knowing your own limits. part of loving yourself is giving yourself a break. part of loving yourself is knowing that the work will be there later, or even tomorrow, and it doesn’t have to get done right this very minute. part of loving yourself is loving yourself right where you are in any given moment and caring about yourself enough to know you’re enough. whether you feel like doing what you’re doing or not, whether you’re wearing sweats or real clothes, whether you ate lunch or not, whether you’re rocking the same messy bun for the fourth day in a row, or you’re full face looking fly – you’re just enough. no matter what. it’s okay to just be you and be enough just by the sheer fact that you’re alive and a part of this world.

“what would it take to believe you were made for more? and what would it look like to see this place up in smoke? these temples made by man, made with human hands. temples made with broken dreams and the stories that keep us in.”

^ that’s part of a song i wrote that came to mind when i was thinking all of these things this morning. like, what will it take for me to believe that i was made enough, i was made Just Like This… not by accident. not by some fluke. not flawed and messed up. carrying some baggage, yea maybe, but so is everyone else. so whether you’re killing it today, or getting by, i want you (and me) to know, you’re (we are) enough. and we’re gonna take these temples that we’re confined by and just frikin’ torch them, okay? set fire to them and watch them go up in smoke.

check out the video below if you wanna hear the tape from the day i wrote the song – “temples made by man.”