behind the music // jump.

alright, i want to give a little behind the scenes experience for my music. i think as an artist, my music is hopefully always going to be something that’s really personal to me and close to my heart, and i want to share that with you! i want to share my life’s journey and really be open about the kinds of things i’ve encountered and powered through… okay, maybe not powered through…. there have been some real moments of break down for me, i’ll be honest. and i think that music is a way for me to express that and get it out into the world.

so, for Jump, it was written right around the time when i started thinking seriously about pursuing music. i was about six months into my journey with Alan Turner and really starting to feel my passion for music rise up again from the depths of me…. really hearing God telling me to run towards this thing, wherever the journey may be leading me.

i was also struggling a lot with depression… i’ve had a life-long battle with depression and anxiety and i was finding it really hard to believe in myself and to believe the things the Universe was telling me. it’s so easy to let fear regardless, but add in a previously existing history of mental struggle, and it’s just that much harder.

so i thought to myself…. what happens when i get scared. what happens when i want to run and hide and curl up in my bed and cry. well…. what if i didn’t run and hide, and what if i jumped anyway? what if i trusted God and trusted my gut and just went for it? whatever “it” is… “it” could be anything. the dreams that we have inside of us – what if we just freaking go for them?! and i wrote this song.

this song is for anyone who has ever thought “what if,” and for anyone that sometimes thinks that playing it safe is the better option. i’m here to tell you that the safe side of the street is just that… it’s safe and it’ll keep you in your bubble and comfort zone. and i’m no expert at dream chasing and i still doubt myself on the regular, but i figure if i sing my own song to myself enough times, maybe i’ll take the leap. i wanna know what’s waiting for me in the unknown, just on the other side of the Jump.

hope you enjoy this song!!! please let me know what you think, and if you’re feeling really pumped, i’d love it if you shared this video with your friends!!